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CGPharm was founded by Christophe Gryczka, Pharmacist, in 1998. The company provides Quality Consulting as well as Qualification and and Validation Services for the Pharmaceutical, the Biotech and the Cosmetic Industry.

ATP was founded in 1997 by Rainer Braunschweiger and focuses in Engineering, Design and Realization of Production Facilities including Cleanrooom Technology as well as Quality Control and Research Laboratories.

In 2006 ATP was acquired by CGPharm and became a full subsidiary of CGPharm.


1998: Founding of CGPharm.
1999: Acquisition of LBE, contract analytical laboratory for the food and the environmental industry.
2002: Founding of PharmaControl, contract analytical laboratory for the pharmaceutical and the cosmetic industry.
2004: Acquisition of WDS, manufacturing of medical devices with an own international patent for medical patches (Tout en Un - All in one).
2006: Acquisition of LBE and PharmaControl by Eurofins, a leading international group of laboratories providing an unparalleled range of testing services to the pharmaceutical, food, environmental and consumer products industries and to governments.
2006: Acquisition of ATP.
2007: Acquisition of WDS by Tetra Medical, a French leading company for the manufacturing and distribution of medical devices.
2014: Beginning of a new activity = Provision of qualified temporary staff.

General Manager

Dr. Christophe Gryczka

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